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Last updated: November 4, 2001

Firestorm Projects List

With the availability of the source code to Firestorm, the way has been opened for a number of potential projects. Some of these are listed here. If you think of another possible project, and would like to share it with us, please do so.

Firestorm 1.0
Many in the community have expressed interest in using Firestorm to put their own DataPerfect databases onto the Internet. In the process we expect bug fixes and enhancements will emerge. Bruce Conrad is coordinating this effort, and will help you implement Firestorm on your own web server.
A limitation of the current Firestorm is that it requires the database files and the CGI scripts to reside on the same machine. Brian Hancock is experimenting with using Samba to allow Firestorm CGI scripts running on one machine to access DataPerfect databases residing on a different machine.
It should be possible to use Firestorm to produce a DBI so that Perl scripts could access DataPerfect databases directly.
Similarly, is should be possible to use Firestorm to allow direct access of DataPerfect databases from php3.
Wrapping Firestorm as a DLL and COM component would allow VisualBasic programmers and ASP programmers to access DataPerfect databases.
DP reports as CGI scripts
The DP report language would become a web scripting language, with one of its output modes being HTML. This would allow web pages to be generated dynamically by a DP report. We would likely call this FSP (Firestorm Server Pages), using a .fsp filename extension.
Possible, though difficult.
Fairly easy once SQL is available.
Quite easy once ODBC is available.
Firestorm in Java
A lot of work, but would open up Firestorm for use by the large Java programming community.
Firestorm with JavaScript
A very simple DP database can be used with JavaScript to allow access to a page under control of a user login. See an example of this in action. This project is described on the Firestorm JavaScript Support page.

If you would like to volunteer to work in one of these areas, or if you have an idea for a project not listed above, please contact us.

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