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Last updated: December 5, 2000

Firestorm Perl Scripts

A little has been written in our FAQ about Perl scripts (question 3). For your convenience, the relevant paragraphs are repeated here.

Rather than supplying any specific Perl scripts, try adding the report which we used to generate Perl scripts to your METAD database. You will need to create a record in panel 6 of METAD to describe the environment in which these Perl scripts will be executed. The generated scripts require, which is a Perl CGI library written by Thom Boyer.

In working with the CGI scripts in general, the Perl script is a wonderful help in understanding the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Install it in a directory from which your web server will execute Perl scripts and try using it with various URL's and HTML forms to see what kind of information is passed from the browser to CGI scripts. You can also use it directly on our web server.

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