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Last updated: October 18, 2001


Firestorm is the code name for a database engine which is compatible with the DataPerfect file formats. It was developed beginning in 1996, and has been used in creating several web applications based on DataPerfect databases. These applications have been running without exposing any bugs in Firestorm for more than four years.

Tony Perez Communications
Know & Enjoy Mexico (over 9 million page views since July 1, 1997)
Yates Publishing
The Computerized Ancestor (over 8.7 million page views since September 17, 1996)
Genealogy Advertising Cooperative (435774 ad impressions and 13415 click throughs since July 10, 1997)
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With the availability of the source code to Firestorm, the way has been opened for a number of potential projects.

For a brief overview of the parts and functionality of Firestorm, see Firestorm Principles of Operation.

If you would like to use Firestorm to create a web application, or if you are interested in extending it in any way, and you agree to the conditions of use, you may download the source code. Then, follow the instructions in the installation guide and the usage guide. Inevitably there will be questions that arise. To more efficiently address this need, please check our frequently asked questions page.

If your internet service provider will not allow you to place CGI scripts on their system, sanbachs.NET can host your DataPerfect database on our web server.

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