Le Chêne de Mambré Camp de Jeunes

Le Chêne de Mambré Camp de Jeunes is a facility owned and operated by the Catholic Church in Mauritius.

It is named for the place in Genesis chapter 18 where Abraham was visited by angels, in the hopes that youth will have spiritual experiences while camping here. (See Pour mieux répondre aux besoins des jeunes: Projet d'agrandissement du Chêne de Mambré)


This is the sign just after the main entry gate, and easily visible from the gravel road leading to the public beach.

Detail of sign

LDS Youth Camp 2013

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints reserved the camp for three days in November of 2013.

The youth enjoyed meals together, free time, and workshops on scriptures, first aid, and fire saftey. They also worked on crafts and went on a scripture chase.

A big thank you to all of the youth and adult leaders, and a special thanks to Sister G who organized all of the activities and took care of so many details.

Youth group one in dining area

Youth group two in dining area

Youth group three in dining area

Two youth leaders, Sister J and Sister A

Sister C in the hot kitchen

Sister G in the kitchen

Youth helping in the kitchen

Left side of youth group outside

Right side of youth group outside

Entire youth group outdoors singing goodbye song

Location of Chêne de Mambré

This camp is located near the town of Trou d'Eau Douce in Mauritius, so named for the fresh water holes just inland from the shore.

Once you arrive in the town of Trou d'Eau Douce, proceed along B59 towards Palmar until you pass the cemetary (black oval), then turn right on the next road signed "Public Beach" and on to the main gate (green oval).

Overview relative to the town of Trou d'Eau Douce

This is what it looks like from above.

Satellite view of Chˆne de Mambr‚

Approximate boundaries drawn in a thin green line.

The green oval is the main gate.

The blue oval is a small gate leading to the beach.

The dormitory (orange oval), main building and pavilion (purple oval), and the kitchen and dining room building (red oval) complete the facility.

Satellite view with approximate boundaries

Views from the main gate

This is what it looks like from the main gate.

The welcome sign is clearly visible, along with an idea of the extent of the terrain.

The wall at the rear of the picture is part of a little hill that hides the ocean to the East from view.

View from the entry gate

This is a building of great interest, containing a well-equipped kitchen and a dining room large enough for thirty or so people.

View of dining and kitchen building from entry gate

The furthest building is the main building, with a chapel and covered pavillion.

The nearer building is a dormitory, built more recently.

Again we see the retaining wall of the little hill separating the main terrain from the ocean.

View of main buildings from entry gate

Close-up of the dormitory.

View of dormitory building from entry gate

A quick tour

Sweeping from left to right once inside the main gate.

Kitchen and dining building on left of the main terrain.

View of dining and kitchen building

The main terrain with the sign and golden stump.

View of the terrain

The sign in front of the two main buildings.

Overview showing two of the three buildings

To the beach

A walk to the beach with pictures along the way.

Getting oriented.

View of terrain and sign just inside entry gate

The little hill is easily seen, but the ocean beyond is still hidden from view.

Looking towards the beach just over the little hill

Still no ocean...

Closer to the beach passing main building on the right

Still no ocean...

Moving towards the beach with main pavilion on the right

Finally, the Indian Ocean to the East.

Cresting the little hill on the way to the beach

Now we clearly see the ocean.

View of the ocean to the East from the crest of the little hill

Getting closer.

The ocean just beyond a simple gate

Now to find the key to the padlock.

It was rusted so badly, but the key did finally work.

Only the gate and a padlock between us and the ocean

Beyond the gate.

The ocean and the beach just outside the gate

and back from the beach

Turning around and going back to the main terrain.

The little hill is not so little from the ocean side.

Going back up the little hill towards the main buildings

From the top of the little hill looking North.

The main building from the top of the hill with kitchen beyond

From the top of the hill looking South. More ocean.

From the little hill towards the ocean on the South side of the spit

From the top of the hill looking West.

Convient outdoor shower heads for cleaning off the sand after a visit to the beach.

View of the back side of the two main buildings showing beach showers

Heading back to the dining room.

View through the pavilion to the kitchen